I’ve only found this type of stuff so far – did the “second french revolution” affect them too?

Dalit – untouchable, beneath even the shudras, formerly called chandalas.

While I tend to see old grandpa nietzsche’s takes on the jews to be outdated (not to mention to be purely oedipal rebellions against Wagner), maybe he still has insight to offer to help us understand the modern world?

The Jews endeavor to assert themselves after they have lost two castes, the warriors and the farmers… They have the priest–and then immediately the chandala.

If that were true, that would explain the ethos here. Chandala-brahmin hybrids.

I feel sorry for India if this is happening there too

Pretty sure the Dalits of India aren’t the richest ones around… The con of our system is a lot different than India’s, we can just use the latter to draw occasional parallels.

The way I see it, our brahmins are some of the best of humanity and some of the worst of humanity, and often there is something of both within one person- they use the best of themselves to be the worst. I.e. great talent put toward immoral ends.

This is a decent study on Nietzsche’s Indology and the chandala

A striking parallel from another article

Jungle = shtetl, the perilous trips between all those countries too probably shaped them into the criminals they are today.

Neech is right on with a lot of this

Crafty chandalas, in charge of our society, you love to see it.

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