In our secular times, when you try to use your feeble human mind to speak of “divinity” people tend to dismiss it as “all made up”. This is one of the defining challenges of our epoch in my opinion, helping people see that mundane reality isn’t all there is. I can’t hold Plato’s Idea out to you for you to see, I can only gesture toward a reality that is not easily perceivable. Lots of occultist woo, newagery kind of stuff, this is another way that people get ensnared to a fictitious semblance of divinity. It isn’t easy to avoid that, because seers are so rare in history, and we are just humans. What’s important is that the attempt is made to speak about the reality of the divine. In our time there isn’t an easy way to do this, because people perceive it from a mundane perspective. Let me put it to you this way- we’re getting close to the New Year here, and without believing in the divine you won’t really know how to navigate. Because what the divine means is “the most important thing possible”. So, what do you want to do in the new year? “Something that’s not divine.” No one says that. They want to do something valuable that will give their life meaning. A word for that is the “divine”. Can we do that? Not really, we’re only human- my point is that that should be the goal at least. And in a secular society it isn’t. What is divine, in my view? You wouldn’t want to hear it, it’s too much of a burden. You can determine for yourself. The point is that you ask that question, “What is divine?” What is truly important? You can think about that for yourself. I’m a chandala in my own way so I have my own answer to that that won’t be applicable to most people’s lives. A sovereign patch where people free from the international monetary power can inspire each other with insights while reading multiple books a day, that’s my idea of the divine on earth. Some will disagree, they’ll say that what is divine is establishing yourself in the chimp rangordnung of the existing order so that they can do that on some refracted, diminished level. I’m an idealist so I disagree with that, though I might forgive people who decide that is divine given the current conditions of the world. What is divine to you? Are you sure that something evil didn’t tell you that that is what is divine? The concept of Tillich, Ultimate Concern, is important for us secularists who kind of distort our face at the idea of the divine. What is of Ultimate Concern to you?

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