That time you read a person and never said their name, so you could preserve the idea that rancids should exist in society. Do you remember that time? “Never say the name, only ad hominem him for years” – how jewish. Never mention the person who made your religion look like nonsense. Poor jew, only can live through deceiving others, using nepotistic capital. Good work, the objective of the jew has been to make people 90 IQ. The Jew is about at 100, in case you wanted to know the numbers. The merchants have no say on civilization, all they know is counting, and using others for their own advantage. Do I specifically seem that way to you? That’s because I am not doing that to you, and I’m trying to save you from that. You can snap out of it or not. There are people who want you to not have thoughts anymore, and there are people who want you to have lots of thoughts in the future, so it’s a decision between what the capital forces of today tell you to do and whether you’ll do what’s right, and in most cases it seems the status quo is what is highlighted as the “get capital monkey” choice. So if you’re one of those people you live in a lower reality that if walking through snow with me for miles would cry and have to die before accepting that only white people have some kind of interesting conversation, not jews mexicans negros, can you tell me something that isn’t ooga booga? Read some Schopenhauer, you have nothing to say, white niggers are the worst, even if they tried to read books they never could. Try. Most can’t even go 4 pages before returning to the status quo. “Imbecile reality” is what we live in. Prove me wrong, imbeciles. You can’t.

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