You probably can’t even remember what you had for breakfast yesterday. You probably only understand things through popular culture references, hence I insist on creating an alternate hollywood. When Frodo puts on the ring, that place he goes to, that’s where “they” always are. If you can’t even remember what you had for breakfast yesterday there’s not much chance you’re going to remember that “place” exists. The norms you think are permanent here don’t exist there, they’re created by people there. You can go there for yourself if you’re able to remember it exists (which you probably can’t even in this moment when I’m talking to you about it). “They” probably don’t even know they’re there, and yet they are. They inherited the lifeworld themselves in most cases and don’t need any remembrance or self-awareness about it to be there. What did I have for breakfast yesterday? Some ham, as a matter of fact. What else did I do yesterday? I went to that place, like I do all days, all days of every day. Because I remember it’s there, because I’m not dumber than a box of rocks like most goys. You can probably go there yourself, or not, or you probably can’t, you probably can’t. You’re the final product of what goes on there, you make no participation in that world. This is probably just gibberish to you because you don’t live in the world that I’m talking about. You interpret everything with your senses from this world. It doesn’t matter if people “scowl” at you or are “aghast” or “appalled” when you violate a norm that was created in that world, it doesn’t matter, they’re pavlov dogs that were conditioned to have that reaction, it’s of no consequence. They are also merely the end product of what takes place in that dimension. It’s more precise to talk about it in the past sense, because even the old ones of “them” are also end products who have no idea what I’m talking about and don’t remember what they had for breakfast yesterday. There’s no way to make you “get it”, you can’t remember a place you’ve never been to. I’m there now and watching you. They botched the concepts they programmed you with, and as a result I expect much misery. The ones who are more immune, more natural, who instinctively reject such illogical doctrines that were forged “there” will look upon you with pity. A life of illogic, 2 plus 2 doesn’t equal 5, and there can only be misery in such a life, and all you can do is pretend to be happy so people pity you less. Maybe this is what this “reset” of theirs is about, since they noticed the failure of their logic. The same people trying to go back to that world, do some erasing, write it out again, my hopes aren’t high for them, they can’t remember well enough, they always live in this world, they’ll probably do the same thing again. We need a war for an actual reset, there’s only so much we can do on the plane of ideas here. Without profound trauma their god can never truly die. Just go have your breakfast and forget about all this.

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