Article from six months ago

This is the simplest way to posthumanism, theoretically. This is DARPA so I doubt they have this kind of thing in mind. Given herd-fears, the strict legal precautions that have arisen from them, it will probably take a new Shulgin to develop the perfect entheogen.

Posthumanism enthusiasts tend to be pure larpers. People are too easily shamed. Posthumans will be shunned by society. If you can’t even endure demotic judgment then you’re a fraud. What counts as “human” today is already able to be transcended through Ideas and people fear the wrath of the herd too much for that. You think posthumans are going to be viewed favorably in the eyes of the mainstream? The slightest taboo is too much for these people to handle. We’re talking here of living in a different dimension, if not for multiple hours every day, then permanently. There’s going to be hostility toward that. So much time is wasted thinking the path of least resistance is through robots. That’s just political correctness masquerading as edginess. Emo high schoolers telling you they want to leave humanity behind, okay kiddo. It’s just another acceptable clique, another shop in the mall to purchase tribal slogans at, Hot Topic for grown-ups. I shouldn’t punch my fellow-travelers since there are so few of them- still, their pseud behavior annoys me. Posthumanism already exists in two senses, through the realm of Ideas and through entheogens, and then it also exists in two other theoretical senses- through a newly invented entheogen, and through the fantasyland of robots – most of the frauds preoccupy themselves with the fantasyland version to seem edgy. These same ones often dismiss the dimensions accessible through entheogens as fantasy. No, I think they’re just too afraid of giving up their ego even for a few hours. Someone sit with me and trip on a private beach, please, there’s only so much one person alone without entheogens can think. Copernican turns related to the state religion are most possible when more than one person and entheogens are involved. Why does no one talk about this? Because they can’t even remember what they had for breakfast yesterday. All too content with their industrially produced designer brands that are no threat to anything.

Good news

We know how they’ll be “re-engineered” for in our time- not the ubermensch, the untermensch

I keep seeing articles related to “medicine” and “the market”. Nothing lofty is going to emerge from those. That’s one of the burdens of being a theorycel, you see lots of different kinds of sciences that you need like 10 years of study to master, i.e. you think without hyper-specialized knowledge I’m going to be CRISPRing myself? There’s a division of labor in that sense. Only with years of theorizing would you know what to use CRISPR for. And it would take the same amount of time to learn how to practically implement it. Similar with languages- how much have I had to study and think to even get to the awareness that learning certain languages would be valuable? tfw no Shulginist friend living next door. I want to live on an island with all kinds of scientists and theorists on it with the project of going beyond the human. See, without being obsessed with Exit and our Political Theology I’d never have that thought. In another life I obsess over the technicalities of building a robot that would be able to scope out the platinum group metal concentrations on the moon, in this one I theorize why that is necessary. No one talks about most of this, the herd despises people like this, the key is not to care.

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