Today in didn’t expect to read that

“Don’t waste my time with conspiracy theories.” I’m just looking at this as sci-fi for now, to pique the imagination. No one’s written a novel like this, and it’s even more interesting when people speak the idea as if it’s non-fiction, that piques the imagination even more.

I expect not to find it on any other websites and I see it again

Wouldn’t it be sweet to find a bunch of media like this? Even if it isn’t real, I like the thought. I’d like to immerse in an imaginative reality similar to that, has to be better than most of the imaginative realities “they” create for us.

I was surprised the other day when I was looking through the Russian Federation’s List of Extremist Materials that are banned to find scientology books on there. It couldn’t possibly be that much of a threat that you’d need to ban it? was my thought. Must be a good reason. “What happened to Nick, he joined a cult and we never heard from him again.” You think that the cult in place today is any less crazy than scientology? Only a cultic crazy person would believe in blank-slatism. They ban you from criticizing the Chabad in Russia, and meanwhile ban scientologists. 600,000 souls, all goyim are animals, that’s kosher?

Links deleted from the internet

You laugh when a scientologist tells you their methods are scientific, and don’t bat an eyelash when progs act, talk, and implement policies in such a way that demonstrates that they believe that blank-slatism is based on definitive scientific proof. Part of scientology seems to be about confession. Pretty sure our “elites” could use some confession. The sell-outs of the hoi polloi as well probably have some things to confess. Instead they stick with their ~science~ of blank-slatism, and proceed as if they are the paragons of virtue and wisdom.

Doesn’t sound like so bad of a guy

The ultimate goal was to find a place that Hubbard could eventually turn into his own kingdom, with his own government, his own passports, his own monetary system

Aw man, only found those two sites with that speculation.

This isn’t a bad idea either – they use this during their confessions

An E-meter, a kind of primitive lie detector used by Scientologists to determine fact and uncover hidden truths during auditing sessions.

No wonder the MSM always portrays them in a negative light, they wouldn’t want people taking lie-detector tests and realizing all they’re taught to believe is lies. The ritual use of lie-detector tests would destroy the prog religion. “My beliefs are real!” Yeah, your belief that you should lie constantly is real. Mainstreaming lie-detector tests for governments and citizens would destroy business as usual so fast.

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