This is a revealing one. I start to doubt yandex then I find one like that. It’s saddening to read, that how I determine the quality. If anything, I hope I’ve made the term goy into a swear-word. A people that is beneath contempt, you can do better. Can you? I really wonder. It’s almost like you’re so hopeless that I might not even bother being around next year. I have some Chinese food tonight, and it’s a tough choice, should I eat that or talk to animals who are hopeless? Seems I’d be better off just not caring about you anymore. New Years next year I can only expect the same, so why waste time talking to you? A postwar remnant survived and judges you to be less than dirt, I’m sure you won’t mind if you’re surrounded with coddling kike morality 100% of the time so you can be dirt in peace. Have a happy new year you sickening filth. Maybe I will stick around just so I can dump buckets of mud on you. You obviously like it if I haven’t driven you away yet. What do I have to do? I’ve tried every possible method, can you just go? Dump the bucket of mud on you, throw the bucket at your worthless head, and why do you keep visiting this site, it’s a mystery to me. It’s like you know you deserve it and yet you continue doing it anyway. There won’t be any goy judgment soon, you’ll just be dirt without any self-awareness at all. That’s the perfect state for the money-grubbers and hoi polloi both, no one to question either of them. You seem like rotten feces to me, I’m sure you’ll forget about that just like you forget about what you had for breakfast yesterday. This is why we had the institution of going to church every week. It all revolves around Remembrance. Most can’t do that without someone reminding them. Without that type of structure they live in hell. The ones after them will live in a worse hell too. Only white males can intuit the future in this way, enjoy us while you can. The suffering of multitudes only makes the hyksos happy, because that is how they confirm that their orthodoxy is right, and that Christ wasn’t an improvement on scripture. What they prove to everyone else is only that their scriptures are obsolete and malignant. Jews should have all been killed or forcibly converted many many centuries ago, and you let them move somewhere else and do the same thing. Those same people who let them do that, so many of them are alive today. They’re right about you that you’re subhuman. What they’re wrong about is that they’re not subhuman too. Both jew and goy create this degradation of humanity. Can I print 10 trillion dollars to convince you of that? No, thus we’re stuck in this state. I can say without any trace of egoism that if you’ve said anything against me over the years you’re just one of these people who wants us in this state. Why should I have any concern about your well-being? You might as well be one of them. What is even the point of talking to someone like you? You help criminals carry out ideas in their primitive book at the detriment of flourishing humanity. All they do is go from place to place to get rich and you decided to be part of their scheme. You have no dignity at all. You’re both two types of nigger that I would burn alive. Why talk to people who I see that way? Give me a reason. You can’t, because you like not being judged. You don’t care about the suffering in the future because you can’t understand the future, the animal that you are. Convince me I’m wrong about any of this, I’ve only seen signs of the worthlessness of both jews and goys. Keeping doing what you do for another year, then another, then another, all the while telling yourself you’re happy with this political order.

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