Why does the spirit of mockery continue to summon me!?

Looks like there’s a Hindi variant of that Taiwanese site I’ve linked to previously

Yeah, I don’t really believe in the west, or love, anymore. That doesn’t stop me from wondering if there’s a study on Hindu brahmins and Chinese princelings.

Looks like some books on Tibet the CCP doesn’t want people reading. Could be helpful, given that you don’t know if Tibetan news sources are even from Tibetans

I found this site by googling the name Bo Xilai in Hindi, because his name often is linked to the word “princeling” which I wanted to find in Hindi. I just want to know what’s going on in the world, and any news that doesn’t mention the princelings of China, the radhanites of the US, the brahmins of India only gives you a surface awareness. A conference between princelings and brahmins about the radhanites I’d want to find. Brahminical writings on the Li clan of the Tang dynasty inventing paper currency? Brahminical writings about the east/west cabal in Hong Kong? etc etc. What the brain of a country of 1.4 billion has to say about the brain of another country of 1.4 billion, what both have to say about the brain here. I have no idea why I’m the only one interested in this. I always talk about Arabic goodreads – twice as many people in the world speak Hindi, is there a goodreads for that? It’s so tedious trying to find the right words to type in, it’s like trying to crack a safe or something. We have this stereotype here of the “meditating wisemen” in India – where are they? Do they have anything to say that our mind-controllers wouldn’t want us to read? “A critique of secular judaeo-christianity from the perspective of the Vedas”? They have to be less totalitarian there than China? Me when I see a chandala poster “Give me a break dude”. So many of them, all too many! Go clean a septic tank, get off the internet. My message to 99% of twitter users. I wouldn’t be surprised by anything at this rate – English internet is controlled, Chinese internet is controlled, Russian internet is controlled, Persian internet is controlled, why wouldn’t Indian internet be controlled? So many shudras and chandalas everywhere in every language, just have to have patience.

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