This is another unexpected theme I’ve been finding

First we questioned the merits of Gandhi- could you endure it if the Buddha himself was a legitimate villain of history? I see shudras invoking him. If they like him, I kind of want to keep my distance now. If you think about it, the Buddha is higher in the prog rangordnung than any Hindu, probably not coincidentally.

A thousand years before Buddhism, the real ur-religion is usually forgotten

Veda-based traditionalists, those are brahmins. Buddha was a slave-revolt against them that was only somewhat effective?

Goys tend to be allergic to this

They’re subspecies that don’t have “farmers” impacting their IQ stats. Whites have this subspecies too, I can them priests, scientists usually. It’s easy to find copers when this subject is brought up so people tend to avoid mentioning it. Only casteist pigs would talk about it.

Is this not true?

I’m just trying to find friends who don’t make me want to slam my head against the wall.

I haven’t begun with the brahmin internet. I hope I find some Indians that humble me. I’m mostly looking for realpolitik from them. Given that they’re persecuted in India, maybe there are some anons out there that like to rant online. Imagine finding one that made taxonomic studies of world elites. Speaking of the MENA world as a place where one can criticize both Hakka and Ashkenazim, wouldn’t India be even more optimal to look given brahmin intelligence? Call me a casteist pig, I’m just trying find the most insightful people of India so I can understand the world better. Spend a couple hours on the shudra internet and tell me you’re not a casteist pig.

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