How much ressentiment I had to sort through to find a statement like this finally

The voice of the ancients speaking, that’s what I hear. Out of the oldest civilizations, somehow it was the Vedas that prevailed. They aren’t at the mercy of Israel, they have 1.4 billion people, and some of the smartest of the world. In this context, I bet their psychology as it pertains to the princelings isn’t simple. You don’t hear anyone talking about the “rise” of India. Still trying to crack the safe on that. I’m expecting that most of them are cogs in the system and simply don’t have time to think about any of this. We’re only at the beginning of this ourselves. We still only have a general picture of the nature of our own radhanites. I dream of creating a study of all of these ones

Translated into the respective languages and smuggled into each country. Maybe there would be a change, and the news of the world wouldn’t be so cosmetic. Politicians and shadow governments would be held more accountable and thus corruption would decrease. For now we have to suffer in a regime that is not held accountable, as do the rest of these countries. Where on this map is it even possible to carry out such a study without persecution? Dismal times- I’d rather focus on this than be one of the cogs that lets it all happen without doing anything about it (looking at you).

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