See how this closely matches up with our situation?

It’s not directly applicable, it’s just helpful for thought-experiments.

Another theme I’ve seen is a connection between capitalism and brahmanism. Maybe the Buddhists are the right ones? Who knows, only Indologists might know.

One of the differences between us and them is that it seems they’re able to criticize their brahmins. Something similar to the anti white supremacy crowd here? We shouldn’t expect ALL countries to have crypto-powers that their citizens aren’t able to criticize. It’s notable though that in the two main world superpowers, the US and China, that is the case.

I’m still new to India, so maybe there’s some kind of “brahmin” you aren’t able to criticize there. I think of when I was new to Russia, before I saw their federal list of banned materials. Just looking at yandex I wouldn’t have expected that sort of content to be banned. Then Brazil is another story. There are so many jungle people there that I honestly don’t care to bother with them too much. I see the US, EU, and Israel as one entity, then China, then India, in that order (for now). And India is another one of those “invisible countries” for whatever reason, and yet it seems to be able to be spoken in the same breath as these others. Russia has nukes and white mindpower so that’s another one on the list. You’re not going to be seeing this type of realpolitik in a yale publication. That would be written by a brahmin, that’s why. It’s funny I accuse the hyksos of being brahmin-chandala hybrids, because that’s what people like me are as well. You thought people like you and also not like you at the same time didn’t exist? Different types of criminal intelligence. Some of us worship the devil, some of us worship God, I won’t tell you which one is which.

Amusing synchronicity from that site

Is this Indian wrong? You’re racist if you say he’s wrong, how about that?

Look at this, it’s just like the chosens here

I’ve been looking for brahmins, maybe there’s a Buddhist version of brahmin? “You didn’t learn the lesson from Buddhism and only persisted in your backward ways at the detriment of more honest people.” You know how we have the connotation of Buddhism in the west that sees it as the peak of enlightenment? That’s how I see the Germans, and obviously not many are going to understand it that way after all the conditioning by their enemy. Are there some “Eastern Germans” out there? I try to find them, it’s a slow process unfortunately. I’m liking this site so far though. To the East of that, I saw today that the most banned book in China is one about Qigong. I’ve seen some speculation that they’re CIA, not too sure what to think about that. They and the Tibetans seem to be the Germans of China from what I’ve gathered. I’m a hippie myself, trying to seek enlightenment, it’s just that at a certain point they don’t understand you as one of them anymore. Speaking of that, I mentioned before that Leary’s system of circuits is partially adapted from the Hindu chakra system – are there some living yogis who know more about than Leary? It’s easy to look around and give up hope, the eternal truth is that there’s always something exciting to learn about.

Ah you are naive my Indian friend

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