Existence as a leper. Being right about most things to the degree that no one can even respond to you directly. Years of psyop that people participate in. The only reason this happens is because I know something about the nature of being. We’re talking about the most grave matter here. It is that you are going to die someday and there will be others living on the earth. The question is, what do you want those people to be like? Do you want them to be atomized like you? How happy you are. This is one of the main discussions they don’t want us to have. They think they have it under control. Our ruling caste has mental illnesses, they don’t know what is going on. They try to order the different kinds of goy-sheep when they’re sheep themselves. It doesn’t take daring to question them, only casual observation. The holocaust messed them up, and it shows in the people they rule over. If no therapist will understand you, I’ll talk to you, and I might even torture you because I know you’d like that. You won’t do that because you’re too at ease in the money-caste – anyone questions you, throw money at those who question them, simple as. You sure you don’t have a question of conscience about that that you need to talk about? If not, alright. When I talk about the nature of being I invite others to meditate what that might mean. I don’t want people here in the future to be pitied. If you’re #2 to China because your national IQ is so low, there isn’t much to do besides pity you. The nature of being seems to tell me that if you are a savage then you are only an NPC of the world. And yet that’s what all our mainstream outlets tell everyone to do. They want you to expect equalism. In reality you’ll only have a pitiful child. “Just forget about that and mix” – no, white proles who tell you that aren’t even the worst possible idiot, they want to create someone even more obnoxious than them in the future. If you believe your ideas so much then marry a jungle monkey and show the world how smart they are before telling others to do it. You don’t do it yourself and only tell other people to do it. You can keep the jungle monkeys away from me, I’d like someone white, beautiful, and intelligent. Can you not say any of this? Could only be because someone not-white, not-beautiful, and not-intelligent is in control of society through wealth they never earned. Simple explanation of Jews- ask them why they even need to create a state in the first place. The answer is that they’ll bribe you not to mention anything about that. How many of you are bribed ones, it’s very sad. Why would I want half of me in the future to have those genetics that are able to be bribed? Beauvoir wasn’t so different from an instagram thot actually from a Sartre perspective – do something that could impress me for once, it’s impossible for you. Try though. See if you can find this in jstor. There will not be philosophers in the future, only merchants. We’re already living there now with few exceptions. All most people can do is make excuses for the regime they live in instead of reading old books with people like me, in a happy [redacted] with geographical coordinates which are also redacted. Feds are going, we’ll find you and we’ll destroy you. If you’re a fed you’re already destroyed. Answer the question, should people in the future have no mind? Answer it. You can’t.

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