You could always create a site outside of institutional norms that was safe from you being found out, and you never have, that I can tell? I’d like to find a friend like that, who has a site where they tell me something insightful. Unfortunately they all seem to be system frauds. Create a site and link me to it. Why don’t you have any theories about the ones who control the social networks? You are only their disgusting slaves. I am sick of seeing you, why don’t you make a site and link me to it where you have your diatribes against them? Some people must have that? No, they’re just sell-outs who have no rational idea how to respond. They post on social media and can’t respond directly, it’s very sad, it’s the sign of the subhuman in fact. Years in a row of not being able to respond directly, you might want to rethink things. What is most important to you?

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