Digital freedom is a thing of beauty. I always talk about sovereignty. The only person in the world that could ever control me is a woman. And she can’t do that through the internet, which makes me so happy. Manipulating me with sex so I conform to society, you’re not able to do that here. I bet there’s someone who’d love to control me. Must be tough that you can’t! No way for you to put-out, thus no way for you to orchestrate my endorphin cycles. And so I am free from the woman menace, the Eternal Mod. Hahaha! I’m surprised this has survived at all and hasn’t been weeded out yet. What did we have before internet ranters, street ranters, market ranters? They can only be so extreme before they’re shunned by society. Shunned, exiled, starved. Live alone, hunt. Then you don’t have the advantages of living in a society so that isn’t very popular. Your kid will incur the wrath of the mob at school, cry their way home, then the woman scolds you, thus tempering you. None of that here, or with anons in general. You’re not going to balance me out. It’s either live away from society with me as a pariah or nothing, and I couldn’t settle for anything less. That I’m perpetually alone is only a testament to woman’s imprisonment to the demos. Can’t say farewell to society, you love those cretins too much don’t you. I’m glad we could have this experiment to demonstrate these things. What do you mean I’m rationalizing being an incel, that’s a gynocratic rationalization itself, when you’re 6’3″ they let you do it, let’s put it that way. That is one thing I never liked about Trump, I have Grug tendencies myself that I’m not proud of. Cads are definitely one of the ones on my extermination list, even if I’m on there myself. I wonder why the female equivalent can never admit this, oh yeah I always forget that women lack self-awareness. Speaking of people I’m surprised haven’t been weeded out. You see the aftermath of the female equivalent (a word I won’t use at this moment) in the mental illness many people have. You’re brought up by a woman like this and there’s a chance that life will be gloomy for you and you’ll try to take it out in political stances. All the misery in the world as a result of normalized child-abuse that is then implemented into public policies. I’m not even exaggerating when I say that many women today remind me of Ghislaine Maxwell and they’re only congratulated for it. Perpetuating the cycle of abuse and neglect is just a normal thing today. Just goes to show how many people really are out there with mental illness. Just because the majority has a mental illness doesn’t mean it’s not a mental illness. If that doesn’t make you want to live outside of society I don’t know what to tell you. “This is all just a plot to seduce me.” What if it is? No, I think it’s pretty clear I say absolutely whatever I want and whoever survives that process is the only kind of person I could ever see as worthy. I only try to give the mentally ill demos an intense form of therapy as a last resort before giving up on them altogether. Maybe it’s worked, if only one person emerges from my writings to be sovereign and erudite then I’ll be happy.

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