I have mad respect for Modi for not submitting to western clothing standards

You think I’ll be wearing a suit on my seastead? You’ll be copying what I wear.

Do you have any theories to explain the “invisibility” of India? 1.4 billion people don’t simply disappear. And yet they have.

You know that RSS group I was trying to gandhipill you into? Modi joined at the age of 8.

Why is Putin the cool guy on the right? Probably because he’s white, understandable. In a certain light…

Maybe they just want to simplify the chaos, that’s why it’s an invisible country, because China is already too much to handle

It’s a different world over there

Remember how there’s a Hitler cafe in Indonesia, that other invisible, heavily populated country?

It wasn’t until a few years after “the” war that India was free from Britain – unless it still isn’t now? Doesn’t it seem arbitrary to side with Churchill?

Reminds me of all the card-carrying socialists in Africa. White people still haven’t left these countries. Brahmins in India are shamed by slaves, because white people told them to forget their millennia old scriptures? If leveling is the result of enlightenment rationalism isn’t that a refutation on its own? Only unenlightened irrationalism could lead to the mainstreaming of plebs.

You can understand the psychology of brahmin immigrants in this light. They’re less than equal in India, and more than equal in the US (for being brown). Similar reason why whites might move to some brown country. Strange world. That Ecuadorian I talked to told me that if I went to Colombia the girls there would beg me to knock them up. How much more of this white guilt forced on me in the US before I end up doing that anyway? Psych, I’d go to Asia for that, better breeding stock there. Locker-room talk needs to be normalized for the sake of society, seriously. Man, why does Harris have to ruin brahmin women for me. Centuries of upper-caste blood polluted by jungle forager genetics. Disgusting. The US is doomed. Hitler deemed jews to be abominations and now abominations are praised.

Whoa, look what they did to them

cringing so hard right now. The Brits were like we’re leaving now, here’s some multicultural atheism, hope you like it. What a Satanic people. When you equate Brahma and Allah the result is relativism. Morality is gone, leadership is gone. Tolerance is the Zeus of the pantheon in that case, and that means accepting evil.

It’s good that Modi has trying to turn this around

In 1975, amid civic disorder and economic stagnation, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi suspended parliament and imposed emergency rule. The R.S.S. vigorously opposed her and her Congress Party allies.

Lidderull Feminazi! That’s their dream too. A gynocrat smothering your face as a seat, forever. I haven’t even studied that yet, brahmin women historically treated like shudras? Yeah I’m sure they want you in charge of things, curry-stirrer. What I’ve learned though is that you have to be nice to them because there are so many of them, they’ll team up against you, even if it’s worse for society overall, they don’t care, they’re irrational. Something between stirring curry and what we have now, at the least, or you can only expect havoc and woe in the future.

Anyway, I wonder what kinds of forces Modi is up against in this fight on his side of the world. Apparently Breivik mentions Hindu nationalism in over 100 pages of his manifesto, encouraging them to eliminate the cultural marxists in India’s power-structures. Who are they, where are they, I don’t think India should be such an invisible country.

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