Good things happening for China, good things happening for India

They get religious nationalists in their streets, and what do we get, the direct opposite.

Their place in India is ambiguous

Also I saw that a bollywood actor who spoke fondly of his time with the RSS in his youth was shame-mobbed on social media.

This is from Modi’s role model

Or “guru” is the better word. I saw one Tamil article that spoke of “Guru Socrates”. Anyway, that looks like blood and soil theocracy to me. “They” really don’t want you to know just how many people don’t believe in what they consider to be Universal Truth. How far out of their control is India?

I’m of course wondering here about the Fed and its feds. Allegedly they’ve been independent for over 70 years. I haven’t been ironic when I’ve referred to myself as a Hindu, I resonate more with that religion than most – so what do you think our overlords feel about a nation of 1.4 billion people somewhat similar to me? I’m starting to suspect they intentionally make it invisible. Like I’ve shown though, it’s ambiguous how many of those 1.4 billion are orthodox Hindu. Because most of those shudras were born in a for lack of a better word, neoliberal, regime and now that they got a taste of equality they don’t want to give it up, even if the telos of gandhism were chaos and collapse.

Wonder why the bioleninists (biogandhists) hate them

The RSS continues to hold on to fantasy eugenic projects

Remember how I found all those shudra sites calling for the elimination of brahmins from India? That’s dysgenics, which would you prefer? I probably don’t want to know your answer to that, shudra.

I don’t like this sign, bodes ill for finding fellow travelers

Secretive, the Chabad of India.

Read about how Nazism and Fascism inspired them here.

Esoteric Modism!

Apparently the RSS has an education wing that focuses on designer brahmin babies. Think of the irony of Harris being kween circus freak, we’ll have the opposite type of program.

So, the eso/exo of Modi is to be part of this secretive group while telling people he’s from the most backward caste. Did the C I oy vey slip up on rigging their election? They must have some presence in India?

Going to have to look for obscure documents of/about the RSS, the living brains of the operation, etc. A list of media that they like perhaps? Six million fellow travelers it looks like to me.

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