Seeing this takes me back to this post on India exit

Intelligence Bureau (IB) of India is now called a ‘super state’ which receives its directives from the RSS.

Are they not zogged? And freer than China? And religious? And not getting bombed like Syria?

I wonder if they’d take kindly to white expats settling somewhere between Brahmin and Tibetan concentrations?

“Just give it a rest, be content with the mandatory ‘you shouldn’t have been born’ ethos here.”

Just until the shudra plague of the US quiets down a bit, if it ever does. That would be so good for my well-being, to be surrounded by casteist pigs. Whose God transcendentally grounds rangordnung!

China will defeat prog values economically, while India defeats them spiritually?

So you’re from a family with stratospheric IQ since BC times?

Looks eyetalian enough for me to be quite honest.

Embracing the Kali Yuga you say?

I don’t really have that great of an idea of western women, maybe try to prove me wrong. Brahmin women, I wonder if they treat shudras as feet, dirt, slaves. They’d certainly have a more accurate view of reality than the brainwashed ones here. You know I just try to make euro women jealous. You’d never move with me to the East… You love this atheistic equalist society too much. It’s not good for you, you can listen to me or not. No more false debt to pay. No more being told you aren’t the prettiest race around. They make you hate yourself and you’re just used to it. That’s one of the secret drivers of the state religion, the ugliness of jewish women, and they take it out on you. “I’ll make sure everyone is as ugly as me, I’ll make sure everyone’s soul is as depraved as mine.” Anyone who doesn’t theorize how to get away from these people is probably one of them in one way or another.

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