for paternally inherited Y-chromosome variation each caste is more similar to Europeans than to Asians. Moreover, the affinity to Europeans is proportionate to caste rank, the upper castes being most similar to Europeans, particularly East Europeans. 

Brahmins, a population of about 60 million? An Eastern European country like Ukraine or Poland? About 40 million. World Jewry? About 20 million. Jewish IQ, about 112. Brahmin IQ, about 112. 60 million Brahmins. How many of these are “Harris brahmins”? Not sure, I’m looking for exact statistics. Have to say, it sounds really important. IQ isn’t everything, it’s something. I still haven’t found a Tamil Goodreads.

Maybe it’s my cladistic christianity showing, even I see this as kind of messed up

Reminds me of my post about each dollar representing a drop of sweat. Brahmin intelligence is the condensed sweat of a billion dimwitted Indians.

The average IQ of nearby Myanmar is only a couple points higher than India’s average, and what do they have to show for it? Any brahmins? That itself might justify the caste-system of India. Everyone is a shudra anyway in most other places, so might as well get some brahmins out of it. Given that they managed to not be exiled a hundred times, maybe they have fewer vices and pathologies than the ones we have?

If you think of the castes of India, and then turn to the castes of the US, there’s marked difference, and I think this is important so listen closely. While brahmins are responsible for maintaining those castes for thousands of years, we only tell ourselves that we’re responsible for the shudras here. The shudras here were shudras when we found them. We didn’t make them that way. The Indians arguably did, deliberately, make theirs the way they are. In the US we act as if we’ve lived with our shudras for thousands of years and thus owe it to them to make them something more than shudras now. Someone who might owe that in the world is the brahmin Indian. And yet see them fleeing India and leaving the african-IQ population to fend for itself. They actually might owe them something, because they were ones who were making them who they are now for thousands of years. We didn’t make the Africans or Latinos what they are now. They’re significantly better off than if they were living in their countries of origin, if anything. This seems to be the way people truly think though, that we were the ones who made them shudras. No, you can look to the Indians as the best example of someone who did that. Are whites smarter than the average person in the world? Yes, and we didn’t do it with the kind of caste-system of India. You get that with Christianity, everyone is a Christian. Not so in Hinduism. Not so in Judaism either. We have our own brahmins here that treat us as shudras and use our religion against us. “Everyone is a Christian, even us, in fact all the world is, invite all the shudras into your country.” If we want to survive we need to adapt a form of brahminism or racial-elitism as you find in the Talmud. I found something like that in Nietzscheanism, which draws from both traditions. I know you won’t though, because you’re all too Christian, all too shudra.

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