Many who can’t find hakka, brahmin, or jewish sources on these questions resort to me, for some reason, I’m sure my blue eyes are no coincidence.

Why can’t any of the races admit that they are special ed? Only aryans see them that way. They have to live here because their own countries need charity. Are you doing okay, shudras? How is the place you’re from going? Better than the US? If not, why not move back there? The reason the US is so bad is because we let people move here who have a country of origin that is rife with subhumans.

I wish I could know a millennial or zoomer form of Heisman, Laitman, Hodos, Shamir, what do you think about reality in general, can you tell me about that? Find a vpn encrypter and let me know, ah you already have. What do believe when you aren’t being watched by your merchants and bankers? They weren’t all bad, they were trying to educate you too. There are brahmins among jews that never reveal what they might say about the merchants and bankers, although that would be the most precious information of all.

2021, that’s the goal I’d like to see from you Jews. If you did that I might respect you for once.

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