The Revaluation of All Values was planned out to be four books, and only the first, the Antichrist was written. What book was praised in the final few aphorisms of the Antichrist? The Code of Manu.

There seem to be six million others in the world who happen to appreciate that book

I don’t expect this to be something chandalas can understand. Is that inhuman of me to say? It’s true.

Do you know how many books have been written on Nietzsche? Let’s just say thousands. And I’ve seen only about two apply the Code of Manu. No one attempts to continue the Revaluation.

This is what he says about that infamous text in the Antichrist

the separation of the three types is necessary to the maintenance of society, and to the evolution of higher types, and the highest types

I don’t think he knew much about brahmins. Their existence confirms what is said here.

And the braindeath of America, which can partly be pinned on its constitution confirms it as well. So, when apes roam these lands, again what can we say the US achieved? William James and cheeseburgers? And William James is pretty forgettable himself to be honest.

I’m still trying to find RSS literature, to see if any brahmins have continued the Revaluation, indirectly.

I find this work, by one of their founders.

This is such a joke

Lists made by shudras is what I expect in most cases. The answer is Nietzsche, even of the last 150 years- I’d push it farther, I just don’t want to be too controversial. And no one honestly tries to continue his project. Because we live in the age of the chandala. Just like he anticipated!


They’ve been around for almost a century, they must have tons of “Nietzschean” writings somewhere?? If they’re of the ethos of Manu they’d probably make 99% of the English secondary literature on neech look like nothing. Dirty chandala scribblings. Scrub them from the earth.


Aristocratism has survived somewhere?

Apparently Modi oversaw this in the early 2000s

I’d do the same to leftist garbage. Your grandchild is going to be an ape and all you can say is “Good!” you stupid piece of shit. Your life is nothing. I’ve just been trying to prepare the day that we do this to you. And I’m going to watch and laugh.

Breivik liked them too, so I’m not alone

The shudras frequently refer to the RSS as a terrorist group, this makes me smile.


The above statement of Golwalkar was highly worrying in many respects.

He looks so innocent doesn’t he?

Only a year after they killed Gandhi were they unbanned, I wonder what that was about

Meanwhile with China you have card-carrying socialists, I know which of the two I’m stanning.

In fact, the Brahmanism as basis of RSS world-view is the original Fascism in the history of human civilization.

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