The perfect article doesn’t exi

So much to click through on the wiki alone to find Antichrist 2

Sambhaji Bhide is another of Modi’s gurus.

They have the IQ of Jews and the mindset of Nazis!

I thought I’d exhaustively scoured the globe, then I find the RSS.

Brahmins in general really

This Indologist argues that Rajwade translates it to “brahmanical radicalism”.

What other country could you expect something like this from?

Those oil dunecoon tycoons? Use your imagination, this is rare. So many countries of shudras with no brahmins. And most of the higher-types of euro countries are ruined by modern ideas beyond repair. Beyond repair.

He emancipates one from all sorts of ideas, maybe there’s a chance, a snowball’s chance for you?

Highly doubtful. I’ve heard it’s useful to “believe in people” though so pretend I believe in you.

🙏 Please let me find a brahmin narcissist like me 🙏 I’ll be sadbrained until I do.

The RSS has infiltrated the universities there…

All those stinking hippies that travel to India would never go there for this HAHA! They go there looking for peak progressivism, not Hinduism.

Reminds me of this I saw earlier

In 1956, he converted to Buddhism, initiating mass conversions of Dalits.

American leftism is enlightenment for Dalits.

You don’t see this every day

WW2 didn’t just affect the west

Can’t find this online – राजवाडे, शं. रा. नीत्शेचा ख्रिस्तांतक आणि ख्रिस्तांतक नीत्शे, पुणे, १९३१

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