The invisibility of India is more and more clear

Nietzsche learned from Manu, the fascists and nazis learned from Nietzsche, and the RSS learned from the fascists and nazis. These brahmins even calls themselves Aryans. You think they want people knowing that people like this have 150 nukes? Don’t you have a kind of Gandhi-connotation about the people of India? I’m afraid the reality is the opposite. Racist fascists are controlling a country of 1.4 billion people. They try to direct all our focus on China, probably because they’re socialists, and that’s kosher.

What would they think of a vanilla face talking about Manu? Would that be offensive to them? Remind them of BOG? “Aren’t Brits the true brahmins?” Reminds me of one of my favorite lines from Bataille, regarding how a former Dalai Lama had to ask westerners for help when the chink army was after him

In this way he demonstrated that the most firmly established religious power is at the mercy of a real power based on armed force.

I wouldn’t really be able to be that racist there though because they’d only have to ask me, “So why did you leave that white country and migrate here then?” Is there a Hindi equivalent for “baizuo”?


There are over 700,000 Americans living there. How many of them are those hippie fools I speak of? Would there be anything awkward about joking with brahmins about chandalas?

Cathedral node located

Social science, i.e. equalist drivel. Some people want to join the Peace Corps, some people want to join the War Corps.

FYI, almost exclusively I find anti-RSS media. Recall this post about Singapore. People want these Asian countries to be westernized. It’s a form of neo-imperialism under the guise of altruism. I see it as attempts at de-nietzscheanization.

This will be interesting to follow

Libberrull unis ranked last, I’d love to see that. I don’t get how so many people here are content being psychic debt-slaves. Is it just so normal to them that they forget that’s what it’s like living in this country? Leveling means “making you feel bad” – no thanks, you can keep your subhumans, I’m getting out of here. “If you feel bad that will make them feel good.” They still seem like subhumans to me. Not only is it vengeance, it’s ineffective. What you can expect when you’re ruled by chandalas.

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