If you feel attacked when I call people shudras and chandalas then you should stop and think about your self-perception. It’s not like I’m in your DMs calling you that, you obviously identify with these castes if you take it as me insulting you. What are you, who are you? Why do you believe what you believe, is it because you truly are a shudra? Do you have a brain the size of a bean? If that is the case how are you different from an animal? What is a belief of yours that separates you from the animals? The chances are, you don’t have much of a response to that. There are more shudras than you might think. Do you feel attacked now? Why is that? If I saw someone condemning shudras I’d nod vigorously and laugh, because I don’t identify as one. Are you one yourself? So why would you think your opinion matters? Servant castes only have meaningless things to say. Are you sure that you aren’t just making the country worse by speaking? Just some things to wonder about my non-shudra friend.

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