Mein struggle- sifting through the forces that represent festering wretchedness. If you feel accused, that’s all you need to know. Good, be gone with you. It’s a new year, what are you doing on this site once again, didn’t you realize that it’s better to be a sell-out in good conscience? It’s a new year, get out of here. You’re not a sell-out, a shudra, or a chandala, inshallah.

For the non-dalits, we can continue to have a “funny talk”. -furrowed brow- “Dehumanization isn’t funny.” You’re right, it’s a grim reality. I haven’t seen many signs of non-shudras since I started looking for them. You can write that off as arrogance or as me trying to explain my own sadness. I’ve tried to talk to you about this, and there aren’t many signs of non-shudras anymore. “That’s arbitrary to call us that!” So you identify with the shudras? Only shudras think that’s arbitrary. You stink like some kind of animal and it’s really obvious to anyone who isn’t you. You want to universalize that? Of course you do, you have all the demos on your side to help you too. Can you say something insightful for once, or is it always going to be cliches that corporates would approve of, precious dalit? No one would feel targeted unless they are already that caste themselves. Where are the non-dalits? This is a sorting procedure. If you laugh with me then you know who you are, if you’re mad, then… Wonder why third-world countries are what they are, it’s because of attitudes like yours, shudra. Starting to understand the real meaning of those blue deities is yet? In a christian culture of course you’d see them the way you do. Now wonder what the english language equivalent of chandala is – this you? I didn’t say the word and you thought of it, didn’t you? Is that who you are? We’re just trying to determine who you are here. If that’s you, why do you think your opinion matters? “A chandala society is good!” What’s the word I haven’t said? Can you think of it? Is that what you are? My only real friends don’t identify with shudras or chandalas, and that’s all I care about, friends. Not surrounding myself with people who represent a festering wretchedness. So get lost, it’s a new year, go be a corporate fraud somewhere else, chandala.

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