Let me clear up some confusion for you- if I had a kid who could only play sports I wouldn’t have any meaning in life. Throw da ball. You know that no one has cured cancer yet? Brown and black people only distract from the scientific mind. You don’t care, you’re already a nigger yourself, why do I bother talking to you? How happy I’d be if my children only knew how to eat and fuck. I really see the potential in this kid, who can only eat and fuck. There are many things that reminds him of something that isn’t an animal ahahaha! “We believe in treating the brain as if it isn’t real.” So you’re part of the nigger majority. Would you like to fess up or continue with your act, nigger? I already know the answer. All the shudras who read me and can’t understand outside of their slavemind, what are you doing in life? You seem like some disgusting creature. “Our intelligence is already worse than China’s, let’s see if we can get even worse” – what would possess you to do that besides being some kind of white nigger? White nigger. Confirmed fact. If you believe in lobotomy you are some kind of pale skinned nigger with no humanity.

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