You prostitutes, what would your grandmothers think of you? No one even has to pay you and you’re a sickening whore nonetheless. Someone with 20 bodies, I want to take you on a date, nasty slut. Go to your local pharmacy, buy a bottle of sleeping pills to wash down with your bottle of wine, you’re a worthless whore, you might as well kill yourself. “I have rationalizations” – You do? Why are kids not raised right when whores have any say, you stupid slut bitch? Answer that, go ahead and try. You and Maxwell are the same and if “people” like you were murdered someday because of my casual writings then..

Who wants to date a total whore? No one. Your state religion is wrong from the start.

Idiot nasty whores want to keep telling you there’s a chance for them. There isn’t – they are worthless, this is 100% objective fact. Whores are worthless, Jews are worthless, niggers are worthless, leftists are worthless. Why can’t you show us a society where shudras are seen as valuable? You can’t, niggers, kikes, whores, leftists. You’re all worthless people who could be shot, and no one who mattered would care at all. “Let’s see what our shudra representative has to say about that.” – You rely on niggers, because you are that. Prove you aren’t for once. I’ve never seen it. Try to do that.

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