“Will they put you in prison once biden-Puppet is in control?”

What does it matter, you’re all cowards and whores with or without that. Worthless people. If I go to prison it’s because you are what you are and I at least tried to tell you what you are. Cowards and whores. Your life doesn’t mean anything. I’d rather go to prison than be like you. You schmooze jews, you stupid bitch? Who would want to be you? You tell jungle apes that they’re equals, then you’re a nigger yourself. I’d rather go to prison, if saying these things means that’s what happens. You’re all literally people I can’t respect, total shit stains who might happen to have a following. There’s nothing to say to make you change you’re already a kike whore nigger yourself. Prove me wrong you waste of a piece of shit. I’d walk over you if I saw you steaming on the sidewalk. You can’t do anything to prove you aren’t one of them, because you are. Subhuman trash allowed in public, that’s you, nigger. Make some excuses for yourself.

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