I’ve never seen a hoe admit how worthless she is. Never once. Why don’t you try that for once? Once you hit thirty you’re a wrinkly hag who no one will ever love. Did you ever say that in public, or did you keep trying to justify to people who you have any value? Nasty skank. You want younger women to be just like you, with no loved ones. Dying alone for decades and decades. You don’t care, worthless whores don’t have a conscience, do you? Nasty trash humans, why can’t you ever admit it? “This one woman I know who’s at 20 bodies, I really want to go on a date with her.” HAHAHA! No one will ever love you whore, you might as well wash a bottle of sleeping pills down with a bottle of wine. If you can’t do that then repent. You can’t repent? Then you know the other option. You prefer to perpetuate misery because you can’t face the fact that you’re a whore who no one could ever love. What a worthless bitch. “You’ll see in the next generation.” When? When there are children growing up without any parents because you were such a disgusting whore who no one would ever love? I call on all the worthless whores of the world to kill themselves. [They kept denying that they’re worthless, leading to a worse world in the future.]

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