You fuck apes, you’re worth less than garbage. How do you feel now? Expect that for the next few decades until you die you nasty skanks. I on the other hand will be finding some nice young 20-something women who don’t instinctively repulse me. Are you mad? 30-something mudsharks are disgusting and don’t have any value, I hope your beliefs in female empowerment make you feel better as you rot alone or with some loser who resorted to settling with a sickening slut who no one of value would ever love. You’re only a hole to them, they’ll tell you they love you and they won’t mean it. Puke-whore. You can never be a wife, only a hole, might as well kill yourself. Sickening. Where are the young women who aren’t tainted by these prostitutes? Start the new year, knowing you’re worthless, you whores. Have you found someone to love you yet? Haha I doubt it, I highly doubt it. Nasty. No value.

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