I have this recurrent urge to go to church, then I dismiss it because christianity led us to the modern world. It’s frustrating. Part of it is wanting a cyclic reminder of Perfection. Some people like math because of its perfection, it’s the only place in the world to find perfect Order. Only a few times I’ve listened to a priest who instilled that idea. Some of them who are eloquent enough are able to replicate their own mystical experience in your own mind. I think there’s so much depravity in the west because people have forgotten the perfection of divinity. Because once you get a sense of that you feel moved to emulate it, however feebly. Without that, no attempt is made, and thus imperfect actions are the results. A people acts like the god that it believes in. When I invoke a concept like Order a lot of people today think “That’s made up”. And these same ones tend, not coincidentally, to think morality is made up too. When someone is bad to you is that made up? No, that itself proves the reality of morality, the experience of not liking it when people aren’t good to you. So does the ideal of Order, the ideal of Perfection does exist, even if most humans fail at it. Believing that it exists, remembering that it exists, is a secular way of talking about faith. A word people don’t like to hear. Probably not for altogether misguided reasons. The church has had its corruption throughout history as much as the modern-day cathedral does. That doesn’t mean that when it was at its best isn’t something that we could learn from. Poets of the divine who gave their laity a mystical experience every week to remind them of Order so that they would be good people in their society. That’s something we don’t have today. I’m sure someone knows of some obscure church where this still happens. Show me, I don’t know where one is. I believe it’s possible to bring something like this back though. With the right education of the priests. They don’t know how to talk to secular people in my experience. This is why professors have more of a hold on the minds of the many. It’s self-serving too, because of how much secularism is presupposed in the universities. Besides certain philosophy classes, transcendental concepts tend to be presupposed as made up. You get this with science snobs oftentimes who think that since philosophy and religion aren’t empirical they’re able to be immediately dismissed. Does empiricism itself not have transcendental grounding? When you appeal to the senses, “Why trust the senses?” I’m willing to bet that your answer inevitably leads to some rephrasing of “Because that’s Order”. Some capital lettered words. Empiricism and materialism are the crypto-transcendentalisms of the state religion. There’s no transcendentalism though, it’s a transcendentalism of immanence. People today are taught to believe that the emancipation of shudras is equivalent to Order. There are no priests reminding them every week of the nature of the divine, there are mostly corporatists reminding them of the fact the Highest Moral Good is speaking equality into existence. Do they speak it into existence? I’m not so sure. Yesterday I mentioned how if I saw someone condemning shudras I’d nod. The fact that they even need to be condemned is a sign of the times. They’re praised for what they are, that’s why I condemn them. It’s only when you think highly of them that you’d need to condemn them in the first place. This is their idea of “speaking equality into existence”. The Highest Moral Good today is praising the shudra, whatever supposedly oppressed caste it happens to be. Is this truly Perfect behavior that reflects the Divine Being? In my opinion that’s up for debate. Shudras are essentially immoral beings. If you normalize their behavior by speaking equality into existence then that’s arguably not moral itself. Everyone always talks about the superstitions regarding the God of old times, they never talk about the ones now. Is social justice based on a true mystical experience, or on a misunderstanding of the nature of the divine? I would say it’s an absolutely backwards understanding. Anyway yeah, wish there was a good church to go to. At the moment I’m yandexing the initiatic dimension of Orthodoxy that I’ve heard of – maybe Christianity can still be salvaged somehow?

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