Finding some clues about the mystery of cross-religious alliances in the conflicts in the middle east

So, in Shiism (and especially in Iranian Shiism) we are dealing with an esoteric tradition, more open and less formalized and institutionalized than At-Tasawwuf, Sufism. In the case of extreme Shiism – Ismailism – this is already quite obvious, since there is virtually no exotericism there. Let us also note that within the Islamic ummah – repeating in general terms the contours of the Caliphate – the Iranians both geographically and intellectually occupy the most “eastern” regions (recall the “Eastern Theosophy” of Suhrawardi). Taking into account all of the above, the analogy between Catholicism and Sunni Islam, on the one hand, and Orthodoxy and Shiism, on the other, suggests itself.

Orthodoxy, Shiism, Alawism, Nietzscheanism vs. Judaism, Sunnism, Catholicism, Protestantism, and secularism. Isn’t it bizarre that all these different people don’t align with their own religions? You think I ever expected to side with Muslims over secularists?

My first thought is that those Hindus right next door to all this are lucky that they don’t have to be part of this dispute that we all have with each other, then I remember yesterday reading accounts from the RSS perspective about how they want to rid their “holy land” of all secular, muslim, and christian influences. We just can’t leave people alone, can we? Even I have the thought in my mind that I’d like to go over there and promote Nietzscheanism, so it’s not like I don’t understand the impulse.

Speaking of invisible countries, I find affinities with Iran and India, what about those ones between them, maybe that’s a spiritual goldilocks zone? I honestly expect anything to be possible given the deceptions of the media’s portrayal of MENA.

This is a curious case-study- a Muslim Brahmin

Do you think the higher-ups who’ve ordered drone-strikes there ever bothered to read someone like him?

He’s a premiere fragmentation-exit engineer of the previous century? Okay I’m listening

He even managed to bag the shore too? Meanwhile Afghanistan is landlocked. These are some of the initial things you look for after obsessing over geopolitics for a while. I.e. think of how lame flyover country would be as a secession patch, eh I’d take it. Doesn’t that give progs pause that it would be inevitable for such a patch to eventually usurp the leftist coasts as the creative and economic engine of the country? Your policies are going to lead to a bunch of morons, what do you expect?

Anyway, looks like this visionary of Pakistan studied in Germany and was a death of god theologian of sorts

Would you like to see Islam, as a moral and political ideal, meeting the same fate in the world of Islam as Christianity has already met in Europe?

I wonder why we know all about Gandhi and have never heard of him?

Wow, 220 million people live there.

This is sort of what the RSS is trying to avoid

Both sides of the story, right? Who knows, maybe the theorists of Pakistan are more convincing than those of RSS? Can’t know until you read both. I’m all too familiar with the theorists of american leftism- you idiots can keep new york, we’ll have the rest, thanks.

See how with this we can learn how to reform our own country?

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