I yandex these subjects and keep finding Dugin

So we’ve isolated the brahmins of India, the hakka of China – are the Iranians the equivalent of them in the Muslim world?

Modernity has its effects on all these places, it’s sad to see when you study them. The melting-pot of castes that they’ve been attempting in India since Gandhi? Just think of it in practical terms, would you rather follow a perceptive brahmin on social media or a crude shudra halfbreed? Don’t want to answer that do you? What kind of life would that be? And yet that’s what the establishment wants for us.

Same word they use in that article in the context of “west of India”

You’re never going to see that point made in the MSM. Inb4- After the “extravaganzas” we’ve been going on regarding a certain people moving from one country to the next, I’m not sure they’re the ones to be judging the Muslims. “Muh nobel prizes!” That only gets you so far. Let’s hear about how you got the capital to educate those scientists. If I had the choice to do business with a Hindu, a Muslim, or a Jew, guess who would be last on the list? That has to count for something. Is it crude to want to strangle a sophistic con-artist with your bare hands? I guess that’s a crudeness of mine that I own. Plato 🤝 Alexander, the ultimate refinement- think about it.

Ahh I forgot he had a book on these hakka of the Islamic world

You might have noticed that the crypto-transcendentalism of neech manifests as the ubermensch vs. the demotic/herd opinions. This is just Socratism in a modern guise.

As with the Alawites, what do we really know about these Shiist Islamists? They’re the ones the neoconbushpa want to take out the most and they’re too powerful so they weaken the surrounding countries.

Here is the title of the work in question

The Israelis have their moshiach, the Iranians have theirs. I have mine too heh (postpostmodern Aquinas).

You relate to this at all?

Even in the second half of the 1980s, I wrote a number of texts on this topic about the need for an eschatological alliance between the two types of waiting cultures. This term –  “farhange entezor”  (“culture of expectation”) – suggested to me in Qom, in Iran, one of the leading ayatollahs of modern Iran, when he spoke about what is the latest truth of modern Iranian society – this is the culture of expectation, this is the expectation of Mahdi, this is an eschatological anticipation of a radical change in the very ontological foundations of the modern world.

A non-zionist president is just the desperate minimum. Secession and a philosopher-king would be nice.

Oh man I can feel this too hahahah

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