Korea too

The difference between those South Korean and Chinese “Moldbugs” I’ve found is palpable. Maybe the Korean War wasn’t in vain? They held on to that patch amidst the leveling?

The Hakka of Korea were known as Yangban, they selected for Confucian scholars. Maybe that autist Indra is a descendant of one of those. One of the ones lucky not to be in one of Kim’s gulags right now.

This has to have lasting effects into the present day

The nobles studied Confucian scriptures such as the Three Librarians without working for the rest of their lives

Leisure=education clans. Contrast them with the brahmins- if they leave there will be a braindrain and the country would fall apart. Meanwhile, the average intelligence of South Koreans is among the highest in the world. Those hindus were godawful to their shudras, can’t say the same about these Yangban, looking at the mental reality of at least South Korea. Do they still exist though? The caste-system was only abolished in the late 19th century. They might have their own brahmins in their 51 million population. They were 3-4% of the people. On Naver I see them referred to as an “encyclopedic” people. I wonder if there’s a young Yangban right now using his noggin to plot out how to escape Kim’s police-state. “Wow I have all these ideas that my fellows don’t seem to, this is weird given that we’re all taught we’re the same.” Heh, “ideas”, those are going away in the US.

They even had that hat! What is that about?

Something else that seems universal I keep seeing, which might be obvious, is that the diets are often a lot different between castes. Nutrition and brain development. Just really simple stuff that refutes the state religion here. I already have enough proles in my family, I don’t ideally want to cross my brain with a prole’s, can’t most people relate to this? You’re not supposed to say that, because some kind of Marxism is in control here. Less than proles, foragers. Sometimes I see Marxists try to justify why it’s orthodox to focus concern on proles rather than races, and it seems to me that that’s just consistent Marxism to focus on the even prolier proles from the jungles. Anyway, I’m off to get ingredients for the best tacos you could possibly imagine. I still think I’m right about this by the way.

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