So, I get the sense that many people see me as an immoral person. Correct? I don’t see it. And I spend most days wondering about the nature of morality – do you do that? I just think in most cases you have too much to lose to even entertain my way of thinking so it’s more of a psychological mechanism that helps you exist without persecution in the modern world. And from there you tell yourself “That’s immoral”. You know the Yangban? There’s nothing it wouldn’t be worth sacrificing to create a caste of “Confucian scholars”. You think all the hurt feelings of the brown people of the world justify diminishing the standing of high culture. I don’t see it. What’s the point of life? I can tell you in the negative, what the point of life isn’t. The point of life isn’t to have a society without an intellectual caste. That justifies your society. All those countries in the world that are all shudra and no brahmin? Nothing justifies them, hence we have all this pity for them. It’s not a question of “letting it start” happening here, the process has been ongoing for many years. Literacy is being diminished and giving rise to the pleb. We’re already here, and it still can get worse, and many people actively seek to make it worse. When you have a caste of “Confucian scholars” the light goes on in your country. Without that you’re living in darkness. It’s bizarre I have to say it- the brain of a culture is necessary. Isn’t that bizarre that I have to say that, and that so many people see it as immoral for me to say it? Artxell syndrome is going to be on the increase here. The remaining whites who are capable of interpreting highminded texts are going to be shamed into being more like the surrounding browns. Once again, we’re already seeing that now, it isn’t a question of “when” it’s going to start. If you don’t have a brain for your culture how are you going to navigate? The answer to that is a resounding “We don’t care.” The only thing that’s “moral” to them, absolutely, above all else, is not hurting the feelings of the jungle people. I’m not sorry for anything I’ve ever said, if anything I could’ve been harsher. Because I’m fighting the ones who think that sacrificing the intellectual caste in any way is justified. You are the immoral one. And you’re such a bad person that you can never even directly respond to any of my arguments, hence why your life is nothing to me (and many of my readers) so I hope all goes well for you in the future, because if you die of unnatural causes you won’t be missed by anyone who matters.

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