My posts on redistribution show what their con is all about, especially the earlier ones. In most cases it’s your con too, so that structures your interpretation. I’m convinced that those posts in particular you’re unable to respond to. I mean, there are lots and lots of posts you’re unable to respond to, those just strike me at this moment I guess. It’s essentially a violent method of con-artistry because it’s stealing lives through the use of lies. It’s a subtler version of Maoists killing reactionaries and stealing their money for the state (the princelings). The KGB that lives in the US today is an even closer resemblance, no? Or would the KGB hunt you down for musings on the exact details of that? Russiagate is even more devious a trick in that light. The real meaning of “fed” is some kind of cross between CIA-KGB-Mossad. They mess with your mind so much that I have to emphasize, not “KGB” in the sense of Putler. Your worldview is maintained by these people, and there’s not much I can do as one person, I try anyway. Most of the wealth has already been redistributed, that’s part of why I’m so cynical. The ability of people to stand up to them, that’s pretty much nonexistent. That counts as wealth in my mind, and it’s not there. That was taken, in Russia, Germany, the US – “what a list it is”. Looking at it charitably it has a Robin Hood quality, steal from the rich, give to the poor. And this is where so-called bioleninism originates, because that isn’t such a bad idea in certain contexts. If the context is diminishing the intellect of the people who invented most things, it isn’t such a noble idea. Did you read the posts in that hyperlink? There’s money you can take from rich people without their life being disrupted much at all. They have that much of an excessive amount that you could take billions and it wouldn’t affect them too much. In the case of white people, if they turn into mestizos there isn’t much chance they’re going to be creative anymore. Show me evidence, there isn’t much out there. Borges looks like a Spaniard. Besides him, have more than one example? Whites are a minority on the planet, and white males even less of a minority. The main ones who have invented things in the world. Meanwhile we have a pedophile parasite that wants to destroy us, and it’s able to because it invented the system of finance. I know people want me to be “nice” once in a while- I’d do that if I saw signs that it was warranted, the problem is I almost never see anything like that. Female scholars that would justify feminism? They’re so few that they’re not even worth it. It’s mostly an irrational guise to be a whore who no one wants to marry, thus bastards are the result, which cause more degradation of society. Brown people? The left is so pathetically desperate that it uses movie quotes without quotation marks to hide mudbrain, what else is there to say? We could talk about Jews too I guess, if you really wanted to? That insecurity they feel. Living in white countries and needing to depend on them to create their own state. How cute. Aww, you can’t do it yourself poor kike? All these different groups live in never-ending resentment that they live in the white man’s world. You bow to me and kiss my feet, maybe then I’d see you had any value whatsoever. I’m not even exaggerating. It’s the only way to show you aren’t a subhuman at this rate. Because I’ve seen so few signs in my life that you have any other value. And you can’t even do that right. Pure subhuman. If you want to learn to not be the way you are you need to understand some things. The only real value you have is in numbers. As far as being virtuous people, there’s not much there. It’s a majority of dirt that doesn’t care if the “Confucian scholars” don’t exist, because they could never understand Confucius themselves, with their peanut brains. Prove me wrong. If I saw a brown, jew, or woman write something about Confucius that wasn’t manifestly a pathetic appeal to giving them rights, then I’d actually think more highly of them. Any kind of writing that could show that they aren’t soulless could do that, and yet I’ve found pretty much next to nothing in that regard. You could always prove me wrong, I’d like to see that. What’s stopping you? You must be soulless if that is impossible for you.

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