Livejournal post on castes that is less euphemistic, more direct than usual.

In his terms he seems accurate to characterize progs as Kshatriyas. Most people are a mix of all of them to varying degrees. Still, with many it’s easy to see how they exemplify one type more than the others. There’s an equality among them, because all are necessary for society. Imagine not respecting a farmer, that’s absurd. Someone like that would deserve to starve. One can forgive google and the publishing houses for being “child-friendly”. If you’re content with that then you’re content with that. I’m not, and I write for others who are not.

Any shudra who learns things from a non-google perspective is doing it wrong to feel bad about their lot. Their negative reaction explains a lot about the modern world. They realize what they are, and instead of being content, they get angry, and curse the world for being the way it is. You see this with merchants and warriors too. (In these times “guardians” a la the Republic is more precise for Kshatriyas). Ironically, people see something evil and anti-social about me because I challenge the brahmins here. “You’re supposed to be an obedient Kshatriya.” Merchants (Vaishyas) are often former shudras, just more cunning. Would a shudra be wrong in every case to challenge a vaishya? Similar dynamic with some of the guardians. Like I said, this is just a makeshift way of talking about the castes because arguably our brahmins are vaishyas themselves. And in such a case why wouldn’t Kshatriyas challenge them? The world is out of balance is merchants are ordering guardians. Brahmins are supposed to order all the others, that’s the only way everyone can be happy. It’s a sin against reality for vaishyas to not be recognized as just above shudras, i.e. as some kind of base, crude, unspiritual worker. The guardians of our own time have had the wealth-backed projects of the vaishyas conditioning them throughout their lives to see them as brahmins. You’ve heard me say a few times that I want to “send them to the farm” – this seems like the just punishment for this behavior, of using their riches to turn the caste-system upside-down. You were a vaishya, and you couldn’t be trusted doing that, so now you’re being lowered to the rank of shudra. This is what would happen in a just reality anyway. What we have now is, anyone who tells the vaishyas what they are, their place in the great scheme of things, is themself designated as a shudra, if not worse (what are many anons if not chandalas). So, that’s where we are. The vaishyas have taken the place of the brahmins and control the guardians to force actual brahmins to be chandalas. I think we need a reshuffling of these castes to heal society. The vaishyas who have demonstrated themselves to be defective brahmins should be made chandalas and shudras, and their guardian minions should be made shudras and vaishyas. I doubt this will happen, evil people want to cling to their power, even if it’s bad for society. The guardians who are crypto-brahmins might deserve a place as brahmins in the new order depending on their behavior prior to the overthrow. Once again, I don’t understand most of the castes to grasp what I’m saying here. For them I’ll always be a chandala who has no right to question the “brahmins” because they’ve been too thoroughly shaped by the vaishyas all their lives to know anything different. Guardians aren’t known for freethinking, they’re known by obedience. So one can’t really fault them in that sense. The main ones responsible are the vaishyas. They’ve done exactly what others accuse people like me of doing. They’re the ones that reversed the castes to the detriment of society, and we are trying to set things back to proper balance. Bioleninism factors into this scheme as well. The vaishyas promise to make everyone a brahmin, and thus the shudras and guardians align with them despite it all. It’s telling that they’re defective brahmins in the way that this only results in everyone turning into shudras and vaishyas. This is what I meant when I said I can make Santa real. I know ways to actually make people closer to brahmins than the vaishyas in charge now. All they can do is universalize their own caste, and worse. It’s amusing imagining people following my reasoning with all this – a sign you’re more than a guardian.

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