This is a great sign – from December, found on the Egyptian internet

It says it took centuries for democracies to form in the west. I was thinking of them as “forever wars” so I guess that’s appreciated, that they’ll only be “centuries wars”. When they refer to democracy are they being tongue and cheek, after the november farce? Who knows, it’s probably already been erased from the MENA memory if the US is any symptom. Can’t you see naive Arabs with a VPN feeling dangerous accessing our MSM, and inciting his fellows to revolt to turn their country more into an “American democracy”? We’ve seriously let the world down in “our” recent fortification of the totalitarianism here. We live in an autocracy. Trump being one of the lone voices in power saying the media is nonsense is one of the only signs of a mature system of checks and balances. Without checks and balances the autocracy will only be more excessive in its powerlust. I expect the algos to get even more perfected and for dissent against them to be silenced more mathematically. When I think about the reactosphere of 2015 it seems most have been pushed to the alt-lite and have accepted it at this rate. By 2025 if they were pushed to be indistinguishable from a liberal I wouldn’t be shocked. They make people gradually used to it, and they’re not even aware that it’s happened. Plus, how many people have simply been disappeared and forgotten about? You’re just supposed to be used to that, and you are. Here’s a thought-experiment- think of 10 names of people who challenged “them” in a truly authentic and hilarious manner. Can you do it? Probably not. This is how they create the illusion that no one has authentically and hilariously challenged them. Those ones are put into a digital headlock and carried off into the night.

I know I rant about this all the time, so it probably isn’t experienced on a visceral level. I stress that it is important not to be forced to believe in their ideological tenets. It’s a geniusly subtle way they force people to do this. And it’s not good for you to believe what they make you believe.

This is probably why I find myself on MENA internet, because more often you find people there who are immune to being forced what to believe. Seeing what the Iraqis have to say about the Alawites at the moment, given that the former have so many militia groups on the ground in Syria, after “they” used a lot more overt methods to force them to believe what they wanted them to believe

The most important characteristics of the Alawite religion are first a military characteristic and second a peaceful and open Sufi

An environment of mysticism and murder, that almost sounds optimal for the end of not being forced to believe what they tell you, killing in the name of God. That sounds like a rite of passage. I’ve so far only sent people to hell on a spiritual level unfortunately. I’m not going to go into more details about this for reasons you might be able to imagine – I wonder if the Alawites would like me as a screenwriter – could possibly have the best of both worlds there. I started this post showing how the Mossad is expecting something like an Arab Spring 2.0 in the near-future – Syria probably isn’t the place to be in the midst of a coup. So you have to think pragmatically- Iran continues to be the stronghold of MENA and might be the goldilocks zone for the type of psychology I’m speaking of preserving. How disheartening it is to find so few who haven’t been shoved left? That’s not something that’s good for one’s psychology. We’re social animals, we take on the characteristics of the people we know, and it seems like out of anyone in the world it is Iran that has maintained this idea of “rightful brahmin” the most, thus that seems like the optimal place to be. Sino-enthusiasts in this context are some sort of PC guardian caste.

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