First time I’m seeing something like this

And the most famous Alawite apostate remains Suleiman Effendi Al-Athani (author of the book “Al-Bakura Al-Sulaymaniyyah in Revealing the Secrets of the Nusayri Religion”)

They cut out his tongue and buried him in dung for writing this book. That itself must substantiate some of its claims?

I’ve read in a few places now that they’re not even Muslims at all

If they really are Platonists then I do agree with them that (cladistic) christians are mostly going to be “reborn” as lesser beings during this phase of the kali yuga. If not lesser, then certainly not higher. Anyway I see speculation that the Alawites are only considered Muslims as a result of the rewriting of history. Did they appropriate the best of the Med? They should be defended at all costs if that is the case. The Sophists of the Med have been destabilizing their country for a decade. Didn’t Aristotle have to flee Athens in old age, due to a charge of “impiety”?

This represents only what the peasantry honors of the Med

That does seem to explain the present-day, that too many generations believed in “Platonism for the mob” and drifted further and further from the true God. And it’s their karma to drift even further away still, reincarnating into pigs as the Alawites refer to it.

If you think of Socrates to Alexander as one unbroken chain of thinking, who is closer to genuine Platonism, a dissimulating professor of the Greeks, or a dissimulating regime which uses armed force?

Is Syria one of the remaining locations that neither the bankers of Babylon nor the mindless Muhammadens have been able to conquer?

Googling some of this stuff in Arabic turns up interesting results

Finding some historical links between the Alawis, Alfarabi, and Avicenna. Why I find this significant.

Literally what it’s called 🤔

Seen a couple connections to Pythagoras too

Has to be the weirdest religion in the world, given the geopolitics involved in OUR state religion.

An Alawite forum that discusses a book on logic by Avicenna. This is the most intriguing hermetic religion I’ve found in MENA, and they just happen to have tons of chemical weapons. It seems to follow that they truly are reincarnations of higher beings if they’re able to challenge the enemy the way they do.

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