Still decided to click this site once again, chandala? Tsk tsk tsk, still haven’t learned, we don’t like your kind around here. I don’t even have to reply to someone’s post to troll them, they choose to be trolled. You probably have some kind of divine spark, so you’re technically human. The question is what you do with that, and usually it’s used to enact a reverse-alchemy. If I concede to you that “humanity is one” maybe that’ll help you understand. The west actively turns their souls into dirt, while China is moving in the opposite direction and turning their souls into gold. There’s not much I can do for people like you. You can only use the slightest semblance of the spark that you have to use my attempt to help you for your goal of dirt production. Maybe there isn’t even a spark there if that’s the case? I try not to be pessimistic, it seems I’m talking mostly to dirt with some exceptions here and there. Don’t worry, you might be going to sleep soon so no one reminds you what you are. You might think I’m telling you this out of spite, this is not the case. This is just where the intrinsic logic of our doctrines are leading us. I’m not moving in that direction myself, seems that’s why I’ve been designated as the scapegoat. All the forces that represent alchemy materialize into one convenient person for the dirt to be angry at. Unhygienic, dirty people. What, do you want me to lie to you about what you are? I’m not going to. I really feel like I’ve figured you out. The overlords, wanting it for themselves as well, gave the slaves gratuitous self-esteem that they didn’t deserve. And when someone questions them about it, their dopamine declines, and thus they gnash their teeth at the person who punched their crack dealer. All I can do is break that easy-target of a nose and carry on. If you want to both cry about it and offer each other kleenex that’s up to you. Dirt doesn’t deserve to feel good about itself so I’m not going to strive to help you with that. If you want to make all the world into a dirtball so you feel more are home here then there’s not much I can do to stop you. All I can do is treat you as dirt and walk on you.

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