You probably see it as a personal insult or something, it’s not. I live in a world without heroes and I’m only expressing my sadness about that fact. They don’t exist so you have to rely on yourself. My greatest desire is to see an angel, and I never see one, so I have to draw from myself some remedial idea of what that might be. Nothing impresses, nothing inspires me, in the modern world. There aren’t heroes, there are only people who pose as heroes for their corporate interests. It’s all so sad, I wonder why I even bother talking to people. These are vaishyas. You, capital, and the demos are one, and you wonder why I doubt you? You can’t be heroic if those are your constraints. You’re always just “one of them” at the end of the day, patting yourself on the back that you’re a hero. I want an actual hero. Where are those? Nowhere to be seen, from what I’ve found. Do your basic duty to be vaguely subversive and feel content about that I guess. You’re just nothing to me, another one of the .. there’s no point in trying to tell you how meaningless your existence is, because I know you’ll never change. I’ve looked across all of the globe and you watched me do that, and I haven’t found anyone who is inspiring. Just sad people everywhere, no heroes, and whatever leads to being an accepted one in the capital order is able to be seen as someone who is above humanity. You only have one life and you do this. I believe in the possibility of an angel, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. You aren’t a hero or an angel if all the establishment fundamentally agrees with you. If you think they don’t agree with you then start talking about some of the stuff I talk about you coward. No heroes to see. And it’s sad. You could always start some anonymous account and go on ranting, maybe I’d find it somewhere? From what I can tell, no one has done that, and we live in a time where there is no one to look up to. If you were a real spirit you’d be able to do that, and I’ve never seen it, so obviously you aren’t able to, hence no heroes I find on earth. They like this, because then no one questions them. All this to say, why did you lead to me losing hope in humanity? You could’ve rose above them all these years and I only keep finding no reason to see value in people. No response? Respond as if there’s no difference between the establishment and you? Alright, that’s the usual, shudra.

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