A Persian who appreciates Muhsin Mahdi’s Farabi

With all the cowards and whores of the west I might just turn to this kind of stuff since you’re all so worthless, seriously, purely worthless people. Still, with this I’m still “caring” about this doomed place. Farabi’s utopian model is more theocratic than Plato’s. This is just gibberish to hopeless westerners.

This scholar calls it “Islamic rationality”. I’ve shown some speculation that the Iranians are the “hakka” of MENA – there’s a further discrimination we can make within the hakka themselves, the scholars. We don’t know much about them since they’ve been our enemies since 1979.

Some interesting articles on their Revolution here

Is there any more precise way to put it, when I’m surrounded by cowards and whores for years, there isn’t much to care about. Your humanity is gone, your worth is gone. We need a revolution so “people” like you don’t exist in the future. Keep pretending I’m not 100% right about you.

This scholar is making me laugh too, talking about freeing Islamic hermeneutics from western orientalists and in the next talking about how they need equalism and non-ethnicism.

I studied in the same kind of environment as leftists, I have no idea why it’s so rare to find people who laugh at the same kind of errors in interpretation that I do. Non-westerners who align with the tenets of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights are not non-westerners, they’re westerners. If this isn’t a joke to you I don’t know what to tell you.

Then there’s this side of it too

I’m trying to find galaxybrains in Iran that are actually free from the destructive telos of enlightenment rationalism. People try to say that China is, dude they call themselves Marxists, what more evidence do you need?

There must be others who appreciate Mahdi over there, not like this “twinkie” I’ve heard it called, yellow on the outside, white on the inside.

I’m still trying to decipher a general percent of the population of Iran for whom this is actually true

We need a radical break from our own system. So it would be of the utmost important to find people who’ve been liberated in this way. Most intellectuals in the west are part of the “hippie liberation” ethos, and they’re hopeless.

I saw this on the Indian internet earlier, I know what side the hippies here are on

“We don’t like you, you call us what we are.” I don’t expect you to like me. Cowards and whores, kill yourselves. Go read someone who flatters you. All your existence does is pollute everything. Society is destroyed by people like you. Why would I flatter you?

I want to be a thousand miles away in every direction from people like you

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