Eh, I guess this is close enough to an angel. I’d burn all of DC down if you could get away with it. “How do you remember 2020?” I’d like to remember it that way. Everything’s charred to ash, guess you all have to move it to NYC where DC really is. Maybe burn that to the ground next.

As decentralized as power is, DC remains the symbol of it. All the people who work there–and that’s where they are, workers, for the American people which is their employer–could easily create policies that undermine the other powers in the country, and they don’t. The responsibility is on them more than almost anyone else. If 95% of congress died that would be for the better. They only represent all the forces of evil of international capital. That’s probably a good idea to start with them. I’m sure it won’t escalate to that, though I do hope it does.

Did you see that COVID bill? Almost all of them are clearly bribed. Look what they do in China to politicians who accept bribes, they’re shot right then and there without trial. It would be objectively better for the country if most of them were killed. After 2020 if the cops don’t want to help with that then they’re obviously lost, and I don’t think they’re lost. They actually tend to care about fighting crime, the pluto-demotic left wants to put in your head that they’re the bribed corrupt ones, no, antifa and nigger lives matter are the real criminals and they understand that, so maybe they’ll do their real job and start helping with killing congress, and then we can move on to the CEOs whose lives mean nothing, the bankers, and why stop there, let’s keep going and create a list of all the shitlibs who throughout the summer supported niggers burning police stations down. Put you all on the list. Pretty much every kike in this country. Catch them before they run away to their true home in the dunes. No gravestones for them, a ditch where they’re all piled on each other, maybe we’ll bury them, maybe we’ll leave them for the raccoons and opossums to decide whether they smell tasty enough to be better than a dumpster full of rotten food. The minority with the exploited capital is going to make sure you’re too stupid within a couple generations to ever be able to challenge their power, so there’s no time like the present. I hope the liberals have deleted some of their posts, because we’re going to find you and put you in the patch with all the detritus, maybe Arizona or something so you’re far from everyone else, and we won’t let you leave. Because that’s what you want all of the country to be, detritus, not much different from what you already are. We can’t just kill millions and millions of white people can we? Maybe after a few years living in what they want America to turn into they’ll decide that they were wrong. That’s the humane option. For now, anyone who wants us to live in a shtetl-ghetto-favela should just be shot on sight. You think someone who wants that deserves to live? HAHA! Yeah, I’ll take this as an angel for now. It could be even more angelic, stacking corpses into a wall around DC.

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