Try not to be triggered when I say that no one will understand you the way a white male does. You only hate us because you know that we understand you all too well. Double your SSRI dose, buy a new cat, it won’t make you happy. Only people who understand you will, and they increasingly want nothing to do with you. Have you ever posted about your B-cups by the way? You’re so young, why are your tits so saggy anyway? Are nipples supposed to point at the ground like that? Even if women know they’re hypocrites they continue to do what they do. “Why does your kid play basketball while Chinese kids are scientists?” The fault to blame is feminism and equal rights, women only understand the physical and so human dildos are optimal to them, this is a form of materialism. If human dildos lead to the third world they don’t really care, because they can’t understand anything besides the physical. Let me know how happy you are when you’re in your late thirties and no one truly loves you, and when your kids probably won’t either. My pet favorite is philosophy as is known and I don’t expect much good from that in our present regime. The majority rules, and the majority is kikes, whores, spics, niggers. None of them have anything like that. “Give us money!” “We should be loved even though we’re whores!” “Let us live in your country esse, we not vote democrat hehe yes we do.” “Basketball n sheeit.” I’m not sure how these stereotypes are wrong, can you tell me how they aren’t without being chandala’d? If you weren’t in a white country you’d be living in the jungle. So what’s your reasoning? You believe in yourself so much that you think everyone like you can create society? No, you can’t. Only white men can do that. We either have jewey kikes, worthless holes, various types of hut-dwellers. And no one can admit it. Kikes, whores, and muds have never made a society that isn’t third world in all of their existence, and they want to create a majority so that they can hate the ones whose society they live in. That’s right. I have blue eyes, I’d probably be looking down on you in more ways than one if you weren’t so cowardly that you could have a normal discussion with me, tell me about that. I look through the history books and it looks like the kikes kept getting kicked out of so many countries, and that the women of the whites never wrote a book that was worth reading because it was so dull, that when we found brown people they were living in huts. You never can reply to this directly because that is you. You are one of these subhumans. Go on and make an excuse for yourself. Why are the women in the few books I find from the past, not very interesting? Were you oppressed or were you just not that great at giving advice? You repeat this same mistake again. Give me real advice. I frequently call on you to do this. There’s no point in talking to you. If you took my advice about the fact that you’re a subhuman then you might be able to do that and you can’t. You’re living in the ghetto and no one cares to help you out of there, worthless whores who probably can’t even play basketball without an algorithm. Look at the population now, aren’t you so happy, no one cares about you enough to even bother anymore. The lobotomy people are continuing their plan – “Sounds good haha”. Your response is “Lobotomy is good because I’m already a retard.” – You admitted that? Finally. You should tell a story about why you’re a retard instead of pretending you’re not one, that might free you.

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