Googling Persian words gets so much better results than when you use their state-controlled engines – this is the most thorough site I’ve found on these subjects for instance

Still in the mode like you want to start fresh, it’s a new year, you just want to forget about this stuff and live a normal life?

Guess what, me too, not doing it.

How many election cycles do people go through never mentioning them once? Decades of them? Do you want that to be you?

You know I’m obsessed with the question of rangordnung, and I have to live in hell because of it, have to be the king of hell you might say, and do you know what again and again rises to the first on the list of questions of importance? If a people does that in one country, that’s enough to cause concern. If they do that in dozens of countries? And we’re not supposed to have any concern at all.

People care about the presidency so much because they think that they shape the nation, shape national consciousness. National consciousness is always already shaped by these people who have done something like this in dozens of countries already. They were either “found out” or they caused so much chaos they went somewhere better to live.

Yesterday I decided to treat myself and looked for recipes on one of my favorite foods, and I was going to post about it, and I realized, how trivial is that next to the other subjects I post about. And people tend to be quite content being so trivial. This is just normie political matters. Ideas that allow you to have a bluecheck, or ideas that allow you to not get banned. These are trivialities. Are you happy discussing trivialities? The answer seems to be “Yes.”

“It’s a new year, I want to live a normal life.” A trivial life if you don’t talk about these sorts of things. You’re just living in their world.

Twenty years after 9/11, and I only just thought to look for such a site on the Iranian internet. Goys are not doing so well. This is only the beginning of studying them. They don’t make it easy either, don’t make it easy in multiple ways. Can someone blow me for once? That’s just for starters. They want you to be a pariah of society who is forced out of desperation to rejoin the fold as it were. And that’s just the beginning and most obvious part of the list. Is the word logocentrism when you live in a state of abstraction from reading and writing too much instead of talking? There’s something unnatural about that that’s unhealthy. These are just quasi-neuroses that add up, and they like that. Okay, you want to criticize us, then you pay the price. All the pretenses one sees about dismissing the JQ, the caste question, etc. seem to derive from this awareness that life isn’t going to be easy if you don’t play their game. At least have the integrity not to make excuses about why you’re a prog. It’s because it’s convenient.

Here’s my logic about this- they were forced to leave not only once, dozens of times, so there must be some sort of vice about their character, THUS there must be some sort of vice about the state religion. Believing they’re the chosen people goes hand in hand with believing we have the chosen state religion so to speak. They’re absolutely crucial for it to run. Devil’s advocates will tell me, No, the anglo menace would keep doing the same thing. While this is true in some respect, I only expect a more balanced leftism with white folks running the show (maybe even one I can tolerate?) like general charity, what we have now is beyond charity, there’s an admixture of revenge there and a certain kind of concealed bloodthirst, a desire for suffering. It wouldn’t go away, it would just be a lot better without them. If you deny that then you subconsciously believe they’re the chosen people and that they were kicked out of dozens of countries because goyim are bad and deserve to be blamed. What a pushover you are if you believe that. All you have to do is look at the modern day for proof that there was something highly questionable about their activities in those countries, and studying history outside of schindler’s list almost always confirms that. If you’re happy being a trivial person and focusing only the world of appearance rather than the noumenon I don’t know what to tell you, you don’t amuse me. I don’t see you as a serious adult, a mature adult, an adult at all really. One of the naive children of judaea who only knows how to play. Anytime you want to grow up and be serious let me know.

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