Some of my readers might like to see that something like this exists

I haven’t played it (yet) so I don’t know if it’s pro-Mossad or what. Something like this has potential though. Video games are theoretically the most futuristic gesamtkunstwerk in existence. I say theoretically because they tend to be lacking a truly cerebral dimension. I’m not a connoisseur so maybe someone has a list of obscurer ones that could prove me wrong. I think of System Shock 2 for instance, that could have been better in certain ways. Nonetheless I would characterize it as a “profound” video game. Without that game I probably never would have had the visceral idea of wanting a spaceship that could house an amphitheater. Not even Rendezvous with Rama could instill that. I’m always going on about an alternate hollywood- this genre of media arguably even more important, because of the immersion factor. I messed with you the other day saying you only understand LOTR references. You identify as Frodo, and Tolkien was no dummy, LOTR is loaded with religious concepts, and through audio-visual technology you’re able to understand them on a more existential level. How do you like this idea? Leftism wants all Gandalfs to not exist anymore. Leftism is Orcism. Just drawing parallels, nothing can be too exact. Does this remind you of any mythical being from a movie?

“Stop, she’s cute.”

I was looking at old occupy wall street signs and saw this creature, not sure what you’d characterize him as

Not sure ‘neoliberalism’ is the first word I think of.

What happened anyway?

The usual suspects must have learned from this to put their funds in groups that would redirect “protestant” energy away from them and at decoys instead.

If Harris-puppet bombs brown people for years maybe there will be a new resurgence of awareness?

Anyway, so many war video games, and so few “highbrow bank robbery” games. Nah, I don’t want to rob anyone, I only want justice, there are a lot of people who are filthily wealthy from bloodmoney and they continue to get away with it. Do you know of any games that involve the sorts of concepts I discuss here? Besides always talking about shooting people of course. Seems that’s the main theme of lots of games, and they could be so much more. It’s the genre that has the most potential to alter subjectivities for the better. How fun could a game actually be if it didn’t use the real enemies as the villain? Seems like any game that didn’t involve that would have a cheapness to it.

Anyway, there’s something called psionics upgrades in System Shock 2

I see the various internets of the world as a sort of cyborg enhancement.

Just an example from that Iranian site I linked to in my previous post

Are they taught something like that as children? If they aren’t they sure act like it. We’re only beginning to understand their “double life”. The hello fellow white people types seem innocent, and the reality is they know exactly what they’re doing.

Finding this on an Iranian site is normal, a lot more normal than for English sites- the former has their own kind of “psi” ability in this sense

When you deny their chosenness, suddenly lots of thoughts like this arise naturally. Our belief system hinges on never questioning this “unthought thought” to block thoughts like these.

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