A professor by the name of Frankl teaches Palestinians philosophy, tell me this isn’t priestcraft, or better yet pilpul

According to Plato, every human being should grow and develop self-control. Without self-control, one cannot live according to the rules of reason, because one’s feelings lead one to do things contrary to the rules of reason. We discussed how restraint can help us not retaliate when confronted with an aggressor, because we know that this is not a better way to achieve the goal.

A lot of their control derives from their arbitration of the importance of the various virtues. Where they could inculcate courage they push for moderation. They believe that they understand the virtue of wisdom, that’s why. They have an immoderately courageous self-perception. Immoderation and courage for them, moderation for everyone else. “Self-control” here only means Zionist-control.

This is why I constantly return to the theme of philosophy vs. pseudo-philosophy. You know a pilpul priest when you see one, or at least I try to show you how to detect them. When you can’t expect an angel or messiah, philosophy is our saving grace. And oftentimes it’s used for evil, usually ordinary evil like justifying the present regime. This is one of those maneuvers you’ll see everywhere if you start to look for it- “Be moderate, because reasons, be moderate, have self-control, that is virtue, that is wisdom, that is justice.” These people are none of those things. Pilpul priests can be worse than a drone, because they fundamentally make you relax and then propagate to others why they should relax too. Therapists have this role in culture today too. They instill moderation. This all ties in with the idea of the lack of an Absolute in our secular society and the resulting relativism which leads to tolerance of evil. If you have an extreme hatred for evil then you must just not have self-control, you must be immoderate. Imagine me talking to Palestinian kids like this, I wish. On the other hand I tell Jews the opposite, that they should be more moderate. Not because I’m a priest, rather because I genuinely perceive them as being excessive and thus unwise. That’s why I’ve always seen the social “justice” movement as a joke, like have you ever actually studied what that word even means, or have your overlords simply instilled you with an immoderate courage in bringing about its goals? If you talk like this as a Platonist you won’t make it very far in the “Academy”. It selects for the moderate ones, and based on my definition at least, it thus selects for the unwise ones. Not like I know what wisdom is, maybe ask me when I’m in my 60s, this is just how I see it. Socjus freaks are 100% they know what wisdom is. People with no moderation telling everyone else to be moderate, unless it’s regarding a socjus cause, in which case be courageous. No moderation with them and thus no wisdom.

There’s no better symbol of all this than a confession that Kojeve, one of the great masters of pilpul of the 20th century, made in a letter to his more “immoderate” coethnic Strauss

You see this everywhere in media once you start to look, call it a “cheatcode”- courage for me, moderation for thee. Equals Justice with a capital J. There are many similarities between Athens and Jerusalem, a difference tends to be that the Athenians were more explicit about everything. Prometheanism vs. Providentialism. Jews kind of have the best of both worlds- divinely sanctioned prometheanism. One can look at the Torah as the most effective hyperstition of all time, depending on how one defines effective. Effective for making people wise? Again, I can only look at the modern world, and if they have a disproportionate responsibility for that then I have to deduce that they trusted providence to bring about immoderation and cowardice, and the opposite of wisdom and justice pretty much everywhere.

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