Who knows what certain people’s true thoughts are about this, we could never know.

In other related news I finally found some Iranian Goodreads sites

One book that was translated from Arabic stands out to me

First time I’ve seen a book from their perspective. These are anecdotes from the time after Nazis helped them, prior to them being zogged, by the looks of it.

I always feel like I have to justify the relevance of digging up the MENA library

Because 0% of the people reading this have tinfoil hat tier paranoia about “feds”, right? They keep you in fear, so ordinary to living that it isn’t noticed.

They’ve been fighting the same kinds of people on their side of the world, only with more of an imperviousness given to them by their faith. Storming the capitol was a slap in the face to the ones on our side of the world, they think they’re invincible, you can tell by their anxiety that they didn’t expect it. You optics wimps will never see eye to eye with me, let’s just accept that. Rather than doing nothing I like to see people continue to push it. Seeing an example like the one from yesterday gradually might make people realize that more fatal options are possible

Who knows what kinds of books they have that are normal for them and criminal for us

That site I linked to earlier has countless articles I haven’t even begun to read. Show me a western version of that site?? It’s like that Gibson picture, you can never really know how many here truly sympathize with the Islamic world, because that can get you in trouble.

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