I just try to be real with people, a lot of our recent political consciousness is due to a disgusting glutton being grazed by a car and having a heart attack in Charlottesville. Similarly if you’re fat and vile, you have higher likelihood of dying from COVID. Is this a fatocracy or something? Ugly, obese, colored like feces, isn’t this what the left wants? If apes surrounded my car I’d step on the gas as well, in fact I always do that, and I hope many have flown over my hood and hit the ground dead. Who wants you here? Morbidly obese people, apes who need constant soothing, no one wants you here. You make life worse for the ones who don’t have a double-chin and genetics that lead them to us preventing them from being held back several grades in elementary school. Is this the future you want? Obesity and sportsball? Aren’t you thee American stereotype? No one even speaks about the continent of Africa because people feel too bad for them, and you want to bring that here?

Given all my misogyny sometimes I wonder, What if I had a daughter someday? I’d want the best for her, obviously. Being a feminist wouldn’t be the best for her. People don’t want to hear what I would advise if I had the responsibility of a little girl to take care of, so why bother telling you, wouldn’t you prefer to listen to some suicidal cat-lady? Erudition and submission is what I’d advise. Be smart, be learned, and find someone who tells you what to do, because females are optimal when they’re guided. I don’t see this in the modern world, they’re told to agree with corporate slogans and not be educated at all. Read lots of (non-idiotic) books and get smart, then find someone who knows even better than you, that’s what I’d say if I had a daughter now. We can only hope that the unborn will be turning against the millennial women of today. That’s only if we’re lucky. I believe in Aryan daughters of the future who teach men a thing or two outside of the prog belief-system, so far I haven’t seen anything like that. People raise conformists it must be, and then they perpetuate that.

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