You know when you’re talking to someone and they make you restless and you try to find an excuse to end the conversation politely because they’re making you suffer by saying everything you’ve already heard before? So much more of that in the future. Heard it all before, and you nod, and you’re dying inside because you want to be polite. That’s what happens when you don’t harshly condemn low culture. You’re just setting yourself up to be surrounded by people like this who make you want to tie a noose around your neck because their opinions are so cliche. All people can do now is harshly condemn those who harshly condemn others, these are the supposed nazis. If you’ve ever overheard a group of idiots talking and hated them that means you’re a nazi. They want you to get used to that feeling of dying inside when you listen to brainless plebs. “Accept it, that’s being polite.” It’s like when you’re at the doctor’s office and the TV is on and something really stupid is playing- sometimes there’s a remote and you can just mute it. They don’t want you to mute these retards, they want you to get used to them. That’s what I mean when I harshly condemn people. I’m saying no, I don’t want to listen to your tedious, unthought-out opinion that I’ve heard ten million times, try to do better. They don’t want them to do better, they want you to accept them and die inside when they talk, and be happy with that. Books and shows are going to reflect this normalization of moronic conversation, that’s one of the things I lament the most, because I like a good book, I like a good show. I remember going to the movie theatre when I was younger and actually having a great time, now I’d never even bother to sit in one. I remember seeking friends when I was younger, now I’d… People and media are getting dumber and dumber and more difficult to endure. It’s like everything they say I contort my face as if I opened a tupperware in my fridge containing rotting food. Makes me sick, I hold my breath and shake it out into the trash. Some people probably think I’m exaggerating and trying to be a misanthropic character or something – I can’t emphasize enough that I’m not doing that, this is my true experience of most people. And the trajectory we’re on is that it’s going to get worse, with or without Trump, with or without someone better than Trump. The only option we have to get rid of this option of tolerating the opinions of retards is a Napoleon, and we’re probably not going to get that. Expect the level of self-awareness of airheads who watch reality TV, expect coon niggers who failed out of 8th grade, and expect to grin and nod when they talk to avoid being called a fascist. With a lot of people the shame-mobs already exist in their own minds, they don’t need someone external to yell shrilly at them. That person who dies inside when they hear what they’ve heard a million times is already all the way dead, and the only one who remains is the shame-mob that grins and nods when they hear these subhumans speak. They want everyone to be like them. Biden is the perfect example of someone who is dead inside. No thoughts to express that no one’s ever heard before. America is rapidly turning into a cross between a ghetto and a retirement home. Old codgers with G.E.D.s watching the 4000th episode of the same soap opera, with a faint grin on their face, wondering what their next meal might be. This you? This you? Seems like there’s a good chance that’s you. People who make statements that are so naive and inconsequential that I have just accepted that being around you means dying inside because you have nothing to say. “Stupid Together”, that should be the slogan the socialists run with four years from now. Nothing inspiring in this culture, only the opposite of inspiring. Please, continue to be one of those people, I treasure your existence!

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