Still working on cracking the safe to unlock ultimate god-consciousness

Speaking of invisible countries… There must be some reckless Israeli millennial or something who speculates about this stuff, on the shoulders of giants as it were. Let’s see, 1. highest IQ in the world (no don’t think I count brahmins in those ranks), 2. using the exemplifiers of parrhesia par excellence as a springboard (cyborg enhancement), 3. writing on an independent website so that there’s no state-control involved. Can you beat the three of these things together? Imagine finding such a site. I’m just the ultimate hedonist consoomer for wanting to find that. Living in a world where not even neech entertains me anymore, it’s grim. Contemporary Realpolitik is probably the highest entertainment possible. Show me a Heeb who makes me feel like I have an animal soul! Where are these? Isn’t it a travesty that we don’t know about such a site? Is it pretentious to call things “aristo”? Tell me a better word. A Jew, fearless and cruel, that would make for the best entertainment to me. These kinds probably just talk to each other in groups or one and one and don’t write anything down. They deprive us of some of the most interesting statements in the world. You don’t even want to know how I interpret this. All that jewing over the years, and for what? What was the point of it all if you can’t have one of their highest IQs, familiar with the most avant-garde realpolitikal theory, writing free from the state? Most of the smart ones are here speaking English, probably for the same reason that they stayed in Babylon after being freed, because life is more difficult living in Israel. So googling Hebrew might be futile for that reason. Then the ones here keep quiet for the various reasons I’ve noted. Such a waste of ashkenazi neocortex. Pretty much everything is a rolling tumbleweed next to that hypothetical genre of writing. “Why don’t you just settle for gossip like everyone else?” I can’t, please stop doing that, I need to find kindred spirits. Think PC is bad now? It’s probably going to get worse. For those like me that only means people are going to get less and less interesting.

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